Where to Purchase SK Rum

Siesta Key rums can be found in around 2000 locations throughout Florida. Our rums are distributed  through BreakThru Beverage in Florida. You can find us in independent retailers as well as grocery stores and retail chains. Our rums are available in our tasting room for retail purchase. They can also be found in many bars and restaurants throughout Florida.

We sell Siesta Key Rum in 'Total Wine and More' stores in the following States: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. If you would like to find out the locations of the multiple Total Wine stores in each State, ask us or check it out on www.totalwine.com

We also have distribution in Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Maine, Indiana, and South Carolina. 

In Virginia SKR is sold in many of the State's ABC stores. If you do not see SKR on your store's shelves, you can request that the store manager brings in the SKR product that you would like to purchase.

In Michigan we supply rum to the largest distributor in the State, Great Lakes Wine and Spirits. You can ask your favorite liquor store to contact their Great Lakes rep and they can order SKR into the store for you.

In Ohio we are sold in about 50 liquor stores in and around most major cities. You can locate the specific stores SKR is sold in Ohio at www.OHLQ.com.

In Indiana we are distributed by Carroll Wine & Spirits. Your local store can order Siesta Key rums from them.

In Wisconsin our rums are distributed by General Beverage Sales. Have your local retailer order Siesta Key Rum from their sales rep at General Beverage!

In Maine, we are distributed by Pine State Trading. Have your retailer order Siesta Key Rum from their sales rep at Pine State Trading.

In South Carloina, we are distributed by Breakthru Beverage. Have your retailer order Siesta Key Rum from their sales rep at Breakthru Beverage.

If none of of these options to buy Siesta Key Rum apply to you, you can also order online. We are not legally allowed to ship directly, however you can order online from a few different retailers. Some options for online ordering are www.universalfws.com and www.caskcartel.com . These online retailers are able to ship into MOST States. There are a few States that have laws that make it impossible to have liquor shipped in.

We will be announcing some new states that will have Siesta Key Rum soon!