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  • Are minors allowed in the distillery?
    Yes, we are family friendly.
  • What are your hours?
    Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 12pm - 5pm
  • Is the distillery wheelchair accessible?
    Yes our distillery is wheelchair accessible.
  • Do any of your rums contain gluten?
    Our Silver Rum is inherently gluten free. Our flavored rums (Toasted Coconut, Coffee, and Spiced) are all made with the Silver Rum and then infused with real food ingredients to flavor them. We do not use any ingredients that we believe to contain gluten. We have never heard complaints from anyone with a gluten sensitivity. Although we have never had them lab tested, we do not believe our Silver, Toasted Coconut, Coffee or Spiced rums contain gluten. *If you have a gluten sensitivity, we do not recommend any of our aged rums such as our Gold, Distiller's Reserve or Beer Barrel rums because they were aged in barrels that once held grain based alcohols.
  • Is Siesta Key Rum available internationally?
    Siesta Key Rum is available in the Cayman Islands!
  • Do you offer tours and if so, what is the cost?
    We offer free tours 7 days a week. Visit our Tours page to view the schedule and register online or give us a call to register over the phone.
  • Where are you located?
    2212 Industrial Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34234. Contrary to popular belief we are not located on Siesta Key…we are located in an industrial park in North Sarasota, a couple miles southeast of SRQ airport.
  • Are dogs allowed in the distillery?
    Yes, we are dog friendly.
  • Do you sell bottles of rum at the distillery?
    Yes, our rums can be purchased in the Tasting Room.
  • What is the Carb/Calorie/Sugar content of your rums?
    Based on 1.5 oz. of our most popular rums: SK Toasted Coconut Rum Carbs - 3.58 Total Sugar - 3.53 Calories - 97.8 SK Coffee Rum Carbs - 4.59 Total Sugar - 3.78 Calories - 101.89 SK Spiced Rum Carbs - 1.45 Total Sugar - 1.39 Calories - 89.81
  • Do you ship your rums?
    We are not legally allowed to ship our rums directly to consumers, however the online retailer Universal Fine Wine & Spirits carries our rums and can ship into most states (except for AK, HI, IL, NH, OH, PA, TX and VA). You may be able to find SK Rum near you as we have distribution in several states! For more information, visit Where to Purchase SK Rum.
  • Do you sell mini (50ml) bottles?
    We do not make mini (50ml) bottles.
  • Are reservations required for tastings or tours?
    For rum tastings you can stop in any time during our operating hours Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm and Sunday, 12pm - 5pm. Our tours can fill up quickly so we strongly suggest registering to secure your spots! Visit our Tours page to register online or give us a call to register over the phone.
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