The Team

Troy Roberts

Founder, CEO & Head Distiller

Troy is the entrepreneur and life long rum lover who founded Siesta Key Rum. He serves as the CEO and Head Distiller.

Troy founded Drum Circle Distilling in January of 2007. Before expanding from rum drinker to rum maker Troy founded several sports car enthusiast websites with his friend Ryan where business meetings usually involved automobile racing of one sort or another. Prior to that, Troy was a software exec for Compuware Corporation.


He spent the first part of his life being a beach bum in Sarasota, a ski bum in Denver, a sail bum in Santa Cruz, and a frozen yogurt store owner in Portland, Oregon. Eventually Troy decided to return to his Sarasota roots, sell the websites, and buy a still. 

Nanci Roberts

Chief Decorating Officer

Nanci will greet you with a smile and a sample of rum when you visit our tasting room.


When she is not in the tasting room she can be found decorating the distillery for holidays, creating art, walking the beach, cooking, and raising several sons with Troy.

Nicole Kaplan

Operations Manager

Nicole is a Sarasota, Fl native. After college, she spent some time traveling and working unique, seasonal jobs.


She eventually came back to Sarasota and took a job as a Tour Guide for Siesta Key Rum. After working as a tour guide, Nicole took on more duties around the distillery and is now the Operations Manager.


Nicole is an avid outdoors woman. On the weekends she will likely be out on the water, fishing, or riding horses.

Audrey Thrift

Tasting Room Manager

Audrey did not provide a bio! We are not sure about her mysterious and sketchy background. We believe that she was born in Virginia, but who really knows? She supposedly moved to Florida then went back to Virginia for college.

Wyatt Roberts

Co-Lead Distiller

Wyatt is one of the many Roberts boys. He has been helping out around the distillery since before he could ride a bike. He is still helping out around the distillery but after spending time learning the art of distilling he is now Co-Lead Distiller.

Adam Santa Fe

Co-Lead Distiller

Adam is a local Floridian who never left. He worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade and decided it was time for change. He does Improv and lives in, what he calls, a tiny house. 

Adam does a little bit of everything around here. From tours, distilling, bottling, to having fun in the tasting room! If you ever stop by you will most likely see this local pirate doing what he does best, having a good time! Come visit to see what he is up to! 

Jerrell Cummings


We always say Jerrell is the hardest worker at Siesta Key Rum.


Jerrell came to Siesta Key Rum as a temporary laborer in 2015. After displaying his work ethic, we knew we had to bring him on to our team full time!


Jerrell, who was born and raised in South Florida, is now a full time distiller. You will see Jerrell in the distillery, working hard, and always enjoying the day with an earbud in.

Dave Boland

Packaging Lead/Distiller

Dave was born and raised in Ohio. He enlisted into the United States Marine Corps in 1982 and retired in May 2012 after 30 years of service. While serving, Dave was able to travel the world and lived in North Carolina, California, New Mexico, Iowa and Louisiana. He moved to Florida in 2013 and was enjoying the retired life. In 2017, Dave came into Siesta Key Rum for a tour with some of his friends. During the tour, Dave wandered off back into the tasting room and started sharing drink ideas with the ladies. Soon after, we recruited him to come work for Siesta Key Rum. Dave is a wonderful tour guide and manages our bottling operations. When he is not working, Dave travels the country on his motorcycle and enjoys sports and outdoor activities.

Patrick Rohrer

The Man Who Numbers

If you have bought a bottle of Siesta Key Rum in the last couple of years, it is likely that Patrick hand wrote the batch number on your bottle.


Over the years, Patrick has put in many hours in the bottling room and has written batch numbers on tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of bottles.


Patrick has remained a dependable and loyal employee who always offers warm and friendly conversation. When asked what he would like included in his bio, he simply said, "Lover of orchids, huge jazz fan.

Jenn Morano

Tasting Room Server

Jenn came into the distillery for a rum tour and thought this would be a wonderful and enjoyable place to work.


After spending 14 years at home raising her two boys, she joined the bottling room team in 2016. After gaining a true appreciation for the product and lots of on the job training, she moved into the tasting room.


Her knowledge and kindness is what you experience upon entering Siesta Key Rum. If she is not serving rum, you may find her crafting, baking, and fishing Sarasota Bay with her family.

Jim Roberts

Chief Engineer

Jim can fix things when nobody else can. He can also build most anything including our barrel racks and tasting room. Jim is a retired 747 captain. He has been an avid cruiser in both sail and motor boats. He was a champion formula car racer in his younger years.  

Ryan Adams

"Quality Assurance"

Ryan became a minority shareholder in Drum Circle Distilling in 2010. As far as we can tell he joined the team for the free rum!


Ryan was a co-founder of several sports car websites with Troy Roberts in the late 90's. His participation is currently limited to occasional product "quality checks". 


Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 5:00

Sunday 12:00 - 5:00

Closed on major holidays.

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